Friday, February 15, 2013

2 Must Have Time Management Skills

Are you efficient  & effective?....there is a difference...

Are you in the habit of getting things done and getting the right things done at the right time? One of the marks of an effective professional is exactly that:  the ability to get things done at the right time and in an efficient way - eh hem...meeting deadlines.

Several years ago, USA Today surveyed several freshman senators and house members to find out what piece of advice they would give incoming colleagues.  Interestingly, over half of those whose advice was noted addressed the issue of time management and scheduling.

In working with time management, here are two important elements to consider – efficient and effective. 

 In fact…
1. You can be efficient and not necessarily be effective.

2. Effective is getting the right things done at the right time.  For example, you can get a lot done in a week and still have critical activity fall through the cracks.

3. Being effective means one has to take the time to PLAN and determine what’s most important what’s critical or ABSOLUTE.

The conclusion?...they are equally important. So, an important professional success strategy is to be known as someone who gets things done and being efficient at doing so.

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