Thursday, February 14, 2013

Time Management Tip - Break It Down

Time management insight: Small bites can get big results!

Here’s a great time management tip or time management strategy that can really save you time!
Overwhelmed by a large project? Having a hard time getting motivated? Finding yourself procrastinating?
Ever heard the expression or question, “how do you eat an elephant? “ The answer? – one bite at a time.  Well that same principle applies when you’re feeling overwhelmed by a project, procrastinating, or having a hard time getting motivated.  You’ve got to break it down into small manageable action steps.
Usually looking at, focusing on one step and one step only allows emotional space for you to become motivated and see the light of getting something done. Once you write out actionable, reasonable steps your emotions become diffused and your brain begins saying…”hey, I can do that.”
Additionally, I employ is something called “the one minute challenge.”  I challenge myself to work on one little thing, task, etc. for only one minute.  I even use a kitchen timer.
The result?…I get focused on the “thing” enough to generate motivation to keep going.  If it’s not enough, I say, “ok…just one more minute.”  It’s like tricking yourself into gaining motivation in a fun way!
Coaching Tip: Break it down, focus on the first small step and give yourself the one minute challenge!
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