Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Magic Moment – The Power of the Morning Mindset and Taking Five

How You Use Your Mornings - A Time Management Strategy
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I woke up this morning after being up rather late and knew that it was a crunch day.  Within the next 24 hours I’d need to hop on a plane and be out of the office for the next few days.  

In those few moments I felt slightly pressured and overwhelmed which lead to a bit of emotional and mental confusion, (by the way, I call this “brain fog”).  What should I work on first?....what could wait until Monday?

I could have just barreled in, but time was precious I needed to work on what was most crucial.  I realized I couldn’t let the pressure “pressure” me into the wrong decision.  So, I decided to take a 5 minute mind clearing break.

I gave myself permission to step away from my desk, move into a physical space where I could clear my mind. Ah….a break through!   Just giving myself permission to “take 5” and step away helped my mind to calm down and my emotions to come to neutral. 

In the clarity of that moment, I was able to get a better view of what was crucial and what was not.

Honestly, I have days where I didn’t do that first thing in the morning and ended up working on the wrong things at the wrong time. In those cases, a few critical things fell through the cracks; it wasn’t pretty.

What I’m describing is the power of a moment…a moment you take in the morning to gain clarity on the day that could make all the difference. I’m calling it the Morning Mindset.

You know it’s just harder to work in a fog; it takes more energy and the quality of your work may suffer.

So let me recommend creating the practice of “The Morning Mindset.”

Additionally, this principle of “taking five” is not reserved for the morning.  Anytime, you’re feeling confused for what ever the reason, give yourself permission to take five…that practice could make all the difference!

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