Friday, July 1, 2011

A Time Management Strategy - Engage a Coach

Get Time Management Help
Have you ever considered a time management coach?  They take on many names: productivity coach, success coach, or even life coach. Many in those categories are also skilled in the area of time management and can serve as an effective time management consultant.

One of the key benefits of coaching (coming from someone who not only conducts workshops, but does coaching as well) is a time management issue-solution in and of itself. I have many people sit my time management seminars in their entirety when, as an alternative,  they could ask me about exactly what they need. I then would give them advice, help them come up with a plan and they would then be on their.

Coaching provides the opportunity to:
  • address core needs quickly
  • come up with a customized time management plan
  • and provide the support to see it implemented so the desired results are achieved
  • also, results tend to be accellerated due to what I call the "hyper focus" that coaching creates (see the recent post on focus).

I consider coaching customized training and in fact, it is my belief, that it provides the highest return on investment for dollars spent on training. It really can be personalized time management training.

Here is a link that gives a general overview of what coaching is about. What is Coaching? If you feel a need to discuss this...feel free to contact me for a quick chat - no obligation.  For many personal and professional development needs, coaching can be an affordable option.