Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Technology & Time Management - Tool or Tyrant

It's such a catch 22 - technology can do so much to help save time, increasing our efficiency and "get it done" results. And yet, it can also be a tyrant. It can become addicting in fact robbing us of time and quality of life.

So, contained in this blog will be an ongoing discussion regarding the role of technology in time management.

In my own quest to find my 1% in time management - increasing my efficiency and getting better results I recently ran across 2 cool tools for managing gmail. In fact one of them (an email management game) helps with one of my tips in the book Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed - make faster decisions when processing email.

So here they are:

1. The Email Game (In fact making faster decisions is this weeks challenge in the 1% Edge Coaching App.)
Managing Email Game to help make decisions faster when processing email.

2.  Boomerang is a scheduling tool for's the address with a demo video.


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