Monday, June 18, 2012

Save Time - Don't Plan...Too Much

Do You Plan Too Much? - 
An Essential Time Management Tip
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If you're reading this tip at all it’s probably because you have the personality type 
that is a natural planner, which of course has great value. 
Yet, too much of a strength could be used in excess resulting in outcomes 
we don’t want.

The excess?...sometimes planners can plan too much.  They want to figure 
out all the steps before they get started. That can lead to what I call 
“the paralysis of analysis.”  Perhaps we could consider this insight - 
planning "just enough" could actually be a time management skill!
...interesting thought.

What to do?
First, recognize and admit that you might be an over planner.
Secondly, decide to create a sweeping overview
Thirdly, plan more specifically the first few steps.

What you’ll discover is that as you move forward you become educated
on how to keep moving forward. You’ll probably begin to see that all 
that previous planning you use to do got tweaked anyway. 

Remember: action brings clarity and that’s what leads me to a very 
important final tip: over planning in many cases, is really A WASTE of time.  
Oh the irony!

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