Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An Alternative to On Line Learning

Replace On Line Learning with Digitial Learning and An App #timemanagement  

When I do a google search for keywords addressing the need for time management training, one of the most popular is "on line time management" and "time management course." Well, one of the creative alternatives to e-learning is a cd series, combined with an app! (Besides who wants to sit in front of an e-learning module anyway - free yourself - unshackle yourself from that monitor!)

My audio series (3 cds or digital format) is the audio version of a seminar that I've done across the country - Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed.  So along with cds or a download are supplemental lessons in the 1% Edge Portable Coach - the app (which includes access to me!)'s a super alternative to a traditional on line delivery.

If you are one of those folks who'd like a comprehensive time management training program or shall I say "mobile seminar," then I invite you to purchase the digitial version and down load the app. Then connect with me to let me know you'd done it and keep me in the loop on your progress!

To your success!

Next Steps
1. Download the APP - when you download the App - look under the Free Lessons Tab for subjects of personal productivity and personal effectiveness - Download APP - here 

2. Get Digital Version of Audio  ($9.95) You can get it on iTunes or Amazon - but it's more expensive.
joann r. corley: organizational strategies for the overwhelmed

(If you want to order the cds - send me an email and we can excute via PayPal - 3 cds in a very nice case = $24.95)

3. Or, get the book - Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed - have it your way -Kindle - The Book - Nook 

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