Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Simple Time Management Tip - Put Things Away

The Discipline of Putting Things Away

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Author: Dana Byers
Failure in the area of putting things away means we keep items out “just in case“. Is it possible we don’t put things away because we’re indecisive? Or do we keep items out because we’re multi-tasking instead of focusing well? No matter whether you think having a cluttered area to work in sparks creativity or not, I have landed on the observation that I’m personally more productive when only the items I need for a specific task are before me.
Please Put Your Things AwayHere are some areas in my family’s life where we’re guilty of leaving things out:
* Laundry: I’m good at starting a load in the wash, but putting it away is another story.
* Dishes: Same story as laundry.
* It’s not uncommon for a craft to be started before bedtime in our home then left out until the next day…or two.
* Items that are carried into our cars are sometimes not taken into the house or thrown away when we return home.
Toys: Need I say more? We’ve identified homes for them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are put away.
While I struggle with others’ messes that remain in our home from time to time, there are a few areas I’ve taken note of lately where I’m doing well at putting things away – my makeup and hairdryer after I get ready in the morning, and resetting my desk to order before I leave my office at day’s end. I think there are two reasons for this:
1) I am the only person responsible for these tasks, so they get done. (Translation: I cannot control my family members’ choices about putting things away, but I can control mine for the most part.)
2) I know I’ll be back the next day to do the same task and want to have a smooth start. (Reason: The reward of  beginning a routine task without a mess before me is motivating.)
Each time we leave things out we avoid making decisions. Narrowing options for our next task is hard. Allowing ourselves to be distracted by something more fun than putting things away means we move on without understanding a task is as complete as it can be at this time.
Now it’s your turn. Identify which tasks you’re already experiencing success in putting things away. Determine what motivates you, then work on forming the habit of putting things away in one of the areas in which you’d like to improve.
Which tasks would you like to get better about putting things away when they are done?
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