Monday, March 4, 2013

Are You Keeping Your Time Management Efforts A Secret?

That may sound like a crazy question, but think about it.  Many people begins efforts to become more skilled in this area, but don't inform the people around them.  And many times those are the very people who impact your time management the most - either in a positive or negative way.  It's those who may be part of the problem.

Well if this describes you, here is a simple and dare I say obvious time management tip: Employ the people around you to help you out!  Ask them to hold you accountable.

Call it a bit of reverse psychology.  Instead of saying to a colleague, "Hey stop interrupting me!" Let them know you're really working on your time management and you would love to get their help! Then, give them some actual things to do or say or strategies to practice with you.

I think one of the best results of harnessing the help of the people around you will be indirectly keep those very people in check themselves.

So consider these questions:
With whom would you like to employ this time management strategy?
What do you want them to do or say?
How will you reward or celebrate with this person to cement the commitment or achievement? (This is a great idea...consider an incentive in the endeavor that you both can share!)
Need more help getting the right things done at the right time?
Consider the following:
1. Engage a productivity coach - just a few sessions can make all the difference.
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