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In today's 21st workplace getting results to keep your professional edge is of the utmost importance. Yet in today's fast past, high demand work environments, getting meaningful results is feeling ever more elusive.

More and more in today's work climates the satisfaction of results is being replaced with feelings of overwhelm and stress. With layoffs and budget cuts, many are struggling to stay afloat let alone enjoy a sense of meaningful accomplishment. They are swimming in mounds of paperwork and emails while negotiating the pressures of competing priorities and the demands of their boss.

If this remotely describes your work experience, this book is meant to come to your rescue! It's based on the wildly popular seminar of a similar name and addresses many of the challenging elements of the work day that impact that feeling of meaningful achievement and success.

The content of this book addresses many of components of the everyday work experience and is written through the lens of time and organizational management. It has been delivered to thousands of seminar attendees across the country, from a breath of public, governmental and non profit companies.

The foundational premise of this book - every activity - really is a time management issue.

Consider this list...
-managing interruptions
-your boss
-finding items in your workspace
-competing priorities
-feeling stressed and overwhelmed
-how you make decisions
-email overload
-how your personality impacts your productivity
-to name a few

And that's what makes this book different. It's not about one singular element (e.g. only time management), but covers many areas and thereby offers more value than a typical "how to manage time or get more organized" book.

So if you want to...
- feel more in control and competent
- find things in your workspace quickly
- confidently negotiate your work load
- effectively manage interruptions with tact
- get more done in the same amount of time
- minimize feeling stressed
- be a more skilled decision maker
- get simple tips for efficiently managing email
- experience higher levels of work satisfaction
then this book is for you!

Consider it your portable seminar and me, your portable coach!  To your success!

Where to obtain:  Kindle - The Book - Nook Audio Book 3Cdset - Pdf-ebook - Mp3 Download - The Seminar

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