Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is Surrender Part of Your Time Management Strategy?

Ok...that may sound like an odd question. It makes more sense to me initially because I just wrote a blog post on my professional development blog The 1% Edge on the power of surrender. It occurred to me that the ability to accomplish what I suggested in that post impacts time and productivity management.

How much time do we waste fighting reality?...and in that fight cause chaos that we then have to spend time cleaning up? Then consider the ripple effect to other people's lives and time. 

I reflected on this question and a myriad of examples came flooding into my mind. Man...the amount of energy spent that could have been redirected and used more constructively is breath taking!

I invite you to read the post on surrendering - through the lens of time and productivity management. Give thoughtful consideration to whatever truths resonate in your life and respond with a plan that will help you achieve more of the life you really want!

Post: Is It Time To Surrender?

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